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“Will Test by Royal Sports Limited Actually Increase Testosterone?”

Test, created by Cellucor, is one of the four products that debuted last year with the Royal Sport Limited product line. This line of products was made exclusive to GNC as a “premium” sports nutrition brand, designed to supplement various aspects of an individual’s workout and nutrition regiment. The entire product line was made available in stylish and fancy soft touch containers, which may be one of the first indicator signs that Cellucor was focusing more on looks than it was on formula. Still, these fancy pills in their stylish cylinder containers claim to be a “breakthrough, tribulus free testosterone product”, and is designed to support testosterone levels and reduce estrogen and DHT.


The ingredients included in Test are a combination of Maca, Ursolic Acid, Horny Goat Weed, Androstenolone, DIM, Saw Palmetto, and Pygeum.

Does it work? Is it safe?

When a formula or product is marketed as “premium”, you usually expect some high quality extracts, ingredients, or unique proprietary blends that no other product contains. Unfortunately, this is not that version of “premium”. At first glance, the ingredients in Test are nothing more than your average male enhancement supplement. The combination of Horny Goat Weed and Saw Palmetto may help some men with sexual stamina and arousal, but it definitely won’t make a big impact on hormone levels or testosterone. One thing that can be said for Test is that it is safe, and all of its ingredients have been proven to be safe for daily consumption, with no adverse side effects.

Final Conclusion:

As the saying goes, “When something is too good be true, it usually is”. This “premium” blend of ingredients, aimed at regulating male testosterone levels, is nothing more than a big lie. There is nothing premium about this product, and while it may be able to help some men feel more sexually aroused, it is not a top-shelf testosterone supplement by any means.

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