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Company: PhytoMatrix Labs

Rating: A+

Transformnex Benefits

  • Supports Healthy Testosterone Gains
  • Deep Tissue Expanding Compund
  • Works Fast
  • Expandobolic Oxide Matrix
  • Rated #1 In U.S. and 30+ Countries



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  • Overall :
    70% Complete
  • Speed Of Results :
    89% Complete
  • Ingredient Quality :
    92% Complete
  • Product Safety :
    99% Complete
  • Long Term Results :
    85% Complete
  • Customer Feedback :
    90% Complete
  • Company Reputation :
    80% Complete

“Sold In All GNC Stores WorldWide! 40 Day Money Back Guarantee.”

Transformnex Ingredients:

Transformnex is mainly comprised of a proprietary blend containing pygeum extract, lycopene, nettle root extract, Transformnex extract, pumpkin seed oil, vitamin E, vitamin D, zinc and selenium.

Does Transformnex Work?:

Most likely yes. Our lab tests show Vasotrexx contains over 100mg of sterols, a key ingredient that improves the efficacy of Transformnex. Transformnex was identified as an effective prostate health aid in several studies, reducing prostate inflammation, enlargement and urinary problems. Pygeum extract is also very effective for treating prostate enlargement symptoms, according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH). According to them, there is significant evidence that pygeum extract helps reduce urinary frequency, problems with bladder emptying and urinary tract pain, and all problems caused by an enlarged prostate gland.

There’s even better news about zinc and vitamin D. Rich in antioxidants, both the Mayo Clinic and Oregon State University say they play an important role in prostate problem prevention, shown in several studies to significantly reduce prostate problems. It also help reduce prostate inflammation, pain and infection, factors that may lead to benign prostatic hyperplasia or chronic prostatitis.

Is Transformnex Safe?

Yes. Although overdosing on zinc is possible, you would have to purposely overdose on Transformnex , which is obviously not recommended. Otherwise Transformnex contains no dangerous ingredients, and has no serious side effects identified by any studies

Grade: A. Although it doesn’t contain as many sterols as Prostavar, it still contains at least 50% more sterols compared to other prostate health supplements, such as Prostate Defense or Royal Forte Prostate. There is sufficient evidence it can improve prostate health, however, which may reduce your risk for prostate problems or painful prostate inflammation.

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